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Working at Flight Line

Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with Flight Line, Inc. If you’d like to fill out an application you would need to come down to our office.

Flight Line provides professional transportation services to and from Boston’s Logan Airport and Manchester Airport, as well as South Station (Amtrak Train) in Boston, Bedford/Hanscom Airport, and the Pease Airport in Portsmouth. We operate to and from various locations in the Merrimack Valley area and No. Shore of Massachusetts, Southern & coastal New Hampshire, and Southernmost Maine. We also operate private charter services throughout New England.

Flight Line operates both shared and private services with a fleet of Ford Econoline 350’s and Ford Transits which seat 10 passengers.

Requirements for employment: All applicants must be at least 21 years old and possess a driver’s license from either New Hampshire or Massachusetts. A commercial Driver’s License is NOT required. All applicants must provide Flight Line with a current copy (within 30 days of issue) of their driving record(s). The records must show at least 4 prior years. An applicant’s driving record must be “clean” for the past 4 years no at fault accidents, no moving violations or DUI. Insurance proof shall be requested for “not at fault” accidents. All applicants must be able to lift at least 50 pounds as all employees of Flight Line handle passenger’s luggage. NOTE: All applicants must be able to pass a DOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate (paid by Flight Line), pass pre employment medical and background checks and qualify for a Boston/Logan TSA badge

Flight Line Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 363 days a year. The service does not operate on Thanksgiving day, or December 25th. Shifts are available around the clock. The average full-time shift is 8 to 12 hours in length and the average part-time shift is 7 hours in length. All shift lengths are determined by the volume of business that day, as well as any weather or traffic delays incurred.

Wages: All full-time and part-time drivers start at a wage rate of $8.05/hr. However Flight Line guarantees a minimum of $15/hr compensation over our two week pay period (NOT PER DAY). The guarantee of $15/hr in earnings for your two week pay period is figured by adding your base wage times the hours worked plus reported tips (All trips have 15% gratuity included in fare) and bonuses (Pay for such things as starting early AM or getting off early AM) divide the total by hours worked . If this figure is less $15/hr in compensation over our two week pay period- Flight Line makes up the difference. Average compensation over two weeks wages plus tips plus bonuses can be in the range of $17 – $18 Both Full and Part time drivers are paid for all hours worked at straight time; there is NO overtime pay.

80 hour of work guarantee over our 2 week pay period for Full Time Drivers. Full time driver works 5 days a week (one of those days must be Sat or Sun) The driver must be available to be on duty up to 12 hours for each work day with no restrictions . Usual On Duty time per day is about 10-11 hours. Drivers who meet these conditions are guaranteed 80 hours of wage pay per hour over two week pay period. Full time Drivers usually average about 90 hours over a two week pay period . There are certain conditions but if a full time driver does not get his/her 80 hours over two week pay period (.e.g. say 75) . The Flight Line would pay 5 hours times the drivers wage per hour as a bonus to make up the shortage.

Hiring: All applicants are to understand that no one is hired until they have successfully completed our driver training program to the satisfaction of the trainer. Applicants will be given a driving test plus additional training by a supervisor. Applicants who do not pass the Driving Test portion will not be paid.

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