Shared Ride or Direct Service

Flight Line – South Station Shuttle Service

There are multiple ways of getting to South Station via Flight Line. The most economical and lowest fares are through our Park & Ride Service. This service would ONLY take you to Logan Airport and would drop you off at any terminal to use the MBTA Silver Line. It would be your responsibility to get yourself to your destination from there. Check out their website,, for information and fares. It has stops for South Station. This option involves a good amount of walking, so passengers with a lot of luggage, be aware.

The second option would be to use our Shared Service, which would pick you up at your home and take you into Logan Airport, via our Shared Van Service. As with the Park & Ride service, it would be your responsibility to get yourself the rest of the way, via the MBTA Silver Line.

The last option would be a private service, via our Direct Ride Service. It would pick you up at your door and take you nonstop to South Station. Click here to book.

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