Summer is waning — but that doesn’t mean the fun is over. Temperatures may be dropping across Europe, but as the continent has been hit with increasingly unbearable heat waves, autumn may be the perfect time to take a trip.

Here’s a quick list of where we’re heading this fall:

  • Barcelona, Spain — Barcelona hardly needs an introduction, but we can tell you from experience that autumn is a far more comfortable — and less crowded — time to visit the city.
  • Porto, Portugal — While not the capital city, Porto boasts of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, delicious food and incredible art.
  • Lake Como, Italy — As the holiday destination of Europe’s rich and famous, you’ll be met with grand homes and breathtaking lakes.
  • Provence, France — Home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and charming towns, this region is in style all year round.
  • Zurich, Switzerland — Get in there before ski season opens, and you’ll find plenty of urban and natural diversions that aren’t too crowded.

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