Imagine arriving at the airport, seamlessly moving through security without having to remove anything from your bag and getting to the flight gate on time, and without breaking a sweat. This might soon be a reality for travelers.

At least, it will be for travelers flying out of the United Kingdom.

The old rules saw all passengers on domestic and international flights cramming 100ml bottles of liquids into tiny plastic bags. But thanks to the successful trial of new CT X-Ray scanners that can detect dangerous liquids in luggage, the UK Government has announced these rules will be lifted at all airports by June 2024, a first since they came into effect in 2006.

The first airport to operate with the new rules will be London City Airport, which should remove them by this Easter.

While this hopefully means the end of teeny tiny bottles and plastic bags stretched to their limit, it also means laptops can be left in bags.

The rest of the world has yet to announce such rules, but hopefully, this is a sign of good things to come.