The Boston area is expected to get hit with one to two feet of snow today, which means everyone will be hunkered down inside. Sure, you could spend the day doing laundry, matching unmatched socks, or making the bed, but why waste a perfectly cosy snow day inside? Here are a few more fun things to do instead.

You’ve probably heard, but today is Super Bowl Sunday. That means football, eating, and lots of great commercials. And you don’t need to like football to have a good time — play commercial bingo, play quick rounds of charades during ad breaks, or have an eating competition.

If Super Bowl Sunday isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of other fun things to do, whether you’re home alone or with friends, family, and roommates. First, hide and seek is a fun way to distract (and tire out) young kids. Play board games, plan some fun arts and crafts, and work on a jigsaw puzzle. A snowstorm is also a great time to start a longer-term project: start work on a storybook with your kids, write a play for a big performance, or start planning your Valentine’s Day.

If you’re not bound to the indoors, brave the cold and head out on a wintry walk. Snow angels, forts, and snowball fights are all up for grabs.

For adults, it may be tempting to use the day stuck inside as a good time to file paperwork, start on your taxes, or work out… but give yourself a break and let yourself do nothing without guilt. Plan a big feast for yourself, break out your nice bottle of wine, or bake something delicious.

However, you plan to spend the day, stay safe and warm, and have a happy Super Bowl Sunday!