Valentine’s Day is coming up — fast. Tomorrow, fast. Have you made your plans yet? Whether you’re planning on celebrating with friends, family or a special date, there are plenty of ways to make the night a special one.

While looking to book a romantic dinner at a restaurant is a fail-safe option, restaurants will likely be booked up by now. While you can opt to celebrate your Valentine’s Day on a different date, or choose a less-in-demand location, you’ll still want to make tomorrow night a special one.

First, and perhaps most obvious, is to cook dinner at home. While this may seem boring, there are plenty of creative ways to make it a special one. Printing out menus, lighting candles or planning a cute activity, like DIY crafts, are all fun ways to celebrate the evening.

Speaking of activities, if you’re planning on spending the evening with friends especially, consider a wine-painting night. Everyone can bring their favorite bottle, a few art supplies and take turns posing for one another or setting up still lives to render. Other ideas include learning a group dance routine, creating a DIY karaoke room and learning henna. 

Finally, think of tomorrow as a special day to do the things you never have time to do. Go to the cinema, a museum or art gallery or play laser tag — Valentine’s Day has no limits!